Diversified League Of Martial Artists

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Master Velez Inc Presents :


The Diversified League Of Martial Artists is a League of Martial Artists from around the world that have respect for one another and for Martial Arts . The League stands for unity. If you would like to join please visit our message board and post a message of the Art you study and where you are from . You can use the message board for asking Martial Arts questions. DLMA members will help answer your Martial Arts questions. To use the message board click on the link below.



We offer free membership , you get a DLMA Rank Certificate and Certificates for your school . We will post your name as a member and we will place your website link on our link page . Some of our members offer websites where you can study Martial Arts through home study courses . The DLMA is also a martial arts league , Members get to compete in our tournaments for free. The message board has all the up incoming tournaments.

Members keep up with the message board it is easier to keep in touch through the message board than emailing everyone . Forward any email direct to the DLMA President if you have any questions that you do not want posted .

DLMA Gift SHOP : http://www.cafepress.com/dlma


If you want DLMA President Master Velez to come to your school for a seminar email : izzyjujitsumaster@yahoo.com


Disclaimer :

The DLMA will not be held liable for any injuries , accidents , or illegal activities committed by any of its members . Please consult with a physician before you perform Martial Arts .





DLMA CEO Lawrence Prather